Part Number GPET-001



Step 1 - Unscrew the threaded portion of the glow plug from the engine head with a standard socket. If the glow plug can not be easily pulled out of the head by hand, the glow plug probe is most likely "swollen".

Step 2 - Position the hex of the glow plug in the pocket of our Puller Core.

Step 3 - Screw our Puller Sleeve up to engine head. While holding the Puller Core, turn the Puller Sleeve clockwise to extract the swollen probe perpendicular to the engine head.


Ensure the glowplug is unscrewed from the head of the motor completely so the threaded portion clears the glowplug port.  Thread the puller core through the puller sleeve enough to fully expose the grooved section.  Slip the grooved end of the puller core over the hex head of the glowplug.  Make sure that the head of the glowplug is completely inside the tool or you will damage the threads.  Turn the puller sleeve until the sleeve is snug against the engine head.  In most cases, you need only to “wiggle” the tool slightly by hand and re-snug the puller sleeve a few times to pull the swollen glowplug.  Occasionally though, you may need to use wrenches to HOLD THE PULLER CORE and TURN THE PULLER SLEEVE.  You must be very careful when doing this.  IF THE TOOL STARTS BINDNG AND EXCESSIVE FORCE IS NEEDED, LOOSEN AND RE-SNUG. Using a lubricant helps as well. 



This tool is warranted for up to one year from the date of purchase.  Should the tool be impaired due to manufacturing defects, a replacement will be given in exchange for the impaired one.  In the event of obvious misuse or any use other than that described in the instructions, this warranty will be void.